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Be Prepared For Thunderstorms! Know the difference!!

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

Thunderstorms can happen nearly anywhere around the world and have the potential to be extremely dangerous. The typical thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts an average of 30 minutes; nearly 1,800 thunderstorms are happening at any moment around the world! Although thunderstorms can occur year-round they are more common during the spring and summer months.


  • watch is issued when conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms in and around the watch area. It does not mean that a thunderstorm will occur, only that it is possible.
  • warning is issued when severe thunderstorms are occurring or imminent in the warning area.


  • Build an emergency kit and make a family communication plan.
  • Keep dead or rotting limbs trimmed to prevent them from falling during a storm.
  • Do not hesitate to postpone outdoor activities.
  • Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage.
  • Shutter your windows and secure outside doors.
  • Unplug any electronic equipment well before the storm arrives!

If your home or business is damaged from a storm call SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909. 

What causes Microbial Growth??

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Why does mold grow?

 Any discussion about mold cleanup should start with understanding why mold begins to grow in the first place. Customers with a mold damage problem are always surprised to learn that toxic mold spores are present not just in their home, but every home, and in fact almost every environment. It’s a naturally occurring element and in low levels is completely safe to humans and pets and your home in general. So when does it become a problem? When too much moisture is introduced in the organic surfaces mold feeds on to grow. Things like drywall, insulation, wood, cabinets, etc. become mold’s food source when mixed with water and the right temperature. While there are many strains of toxic mold, most thrive in temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ll notice, the average temperature in home’s ideal to our own comfort sits squarely within that range. So when it comes to mold growth, 2 things are always present: the right temperature and food. It’s when you introduce that 3rd element, water, that problems can quickly grow out of hand! 

Mold In Your Home? Call SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo at 601-634-0909 and let our trained professionals take the problem off your hands!

Are you covered in case of a fire?

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

As a renter or a home owner we always think we have our valuables protected to the best of our ability, it is very important to have content coverage on your items weather you are renting or even if you own the property. We often do not like to think about this disaster happening within our homes but it happens frequently. In the event of a fire even the little things within your home add up when your having to replace most of your home. We at SERVPRO strive to do our best to help restore property that is damaged to the best of our ability.If your ever in this situation and don't know what can be saved call the professionals at SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909 and let us take the worry off of your hands!

Hurricane Tips

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

During Hurrican season everyone tries to be prepared for before and during the storm, but very few people get far enough to think about what to do AFTER a storm.

Here are a few tips from the American Red Cross to help with post-hurricane chaos.

  • Continue listening to a NOAA Weather Radio or the local news for the latest updates.
  • Stay alert for extended rainfall and subsequent flooding even after the hurricane or tropical storm has ended.
  • If you evacuated, return home only when officials say it is safe.
  • Drive only if necessary and avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges.
  • Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the power company.
  • Stay out of any building that has water around it.
  • Inspect your home for damage. Take pictures of damage, both of the building and its contents, for insurance purposes.
  • Use flashlights in the dark. Do NOT use candles.
  • Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are sure it’s not contaminated.
  • Check refrigerated food for spoilage. If in doubt, throw it out.
  • Wear protective clothing and be cautious when cleaning up to avoid injury.
  • Watch animals closely and keep them under your direct control.
  • Use the telephone only for emergency calls.

Commercial Loss

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

We hope you never need our services, but in case of fire, water or mold damage to your business, we hope you would chose us a team of trained professionals. 

Our technicians are highly trained in water mitigation, fire restoration and mold remediation. All SERVPRO employees are required to take and pass many training courses and are required to pass a background check. Our trained technicians are knowledgeable and trustworthy and ready to respond to any disaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! Here at SERVPRO we have a guarantee 4 hour on site time and within 8 hours of being on site we will notify your adjuster or any other POC we have, not only our we fast to any disaster we take pride in our work. 

If your business is ever in need of any of our services please call SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909, and let us make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Storm Response

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Every year, all over the country, catastrophic natural disasters wreck havoc on communities large and small.

Whether its turbulent blizzards, or torrid flooding, the effects of these colossal events can be felt across the nation.

In the midst of the chaos and stress caused by these happenings, it is easy for business and home owners to feel overwhelmed and lost.

SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo strives to put our customers at ease, guiding them and supporting them through the STORM emergency process while providing education and knowledge on how to best navigate the situation. 

From the initial damage assessment, to communicating with your insurance adjuster, to final billing and processing, SERVPRO supports our clients by providing superior customer service.

SERVPRO happily responds to local and outside STORM events. Nationwide, SERVPRO franchises mobilize and act fast, traveling cross country to assist in disaster clean up in communities across the US and Canada.

SERVPRO works in conjunction with all insurance companies, and is part of the Preferred Service Provider program for many nationally recognized insurance organizations.

For our self-pay customers, SERVPRO offers reasonable, competitive pricing and payment options. We understand that STORM cleanup is an unexpected expense, and strive to make reasonably priced restoration accessible to all our customers.

So in the event that your home or business is involved in a STORM, you can rely on SERVPRO to turn a stressful situation into a manageable, professional experience.

Call SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo today, no matter how big or small your water or fire damage may be. 601-634-0909. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Like it never even happened."

Crawlspace Mold??

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Over the last few years I have received many calls from homeowners about mold underneath their house or in the crawlspace. This only occurs in a home that is built on a conventional foundation. Sometimes their floors inside have began to buckle but they have not had a water damage or leak. As our summers in Mississippi have grown hotter and more humid the problem has gotten worse. 

Mold or fungi have to have moisture and a food source to grow. Of the two, moisture is the easiest to control since it can feed on any organic material. If you haven't had a leak or drainage problem that is causing excess moisture underneath your home the most probable source of moisture is from condensation. 

Condensation occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with a cooler material like the floor boards of your home. Many homeowners are having problems with this now for the first time in forty years. Many of them have recently installed new storm windows or a new more efficient Air conditioner system or re-insulated their home. The point is that combined with the hotter more humid summers and the people keeping their homes cooler creates an environment conducive to condensation in their crawlspace. 

One of the ways to you can help prevent condensation in your crawlspace is to increase the amount of ventilation under your house and install some fans to keep the air circulating. This will encourage more evaporation and help to keep your floor joist and sub-floor dry. Wood can only support microbial growth at 16% moisture content or above. If you can keep your crawlspace dry you shouldn't have any problem with mold or fungi growing in this area. 

If you notice any potential mold or fungi growth contact SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909 and let our trained professionals ease your mind. 

Do you know the difference from a Watch and a Warning?

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo like to make sure you and your family are safe during inclement weather. Thunderstorms can happen anywhere around the world and have the potential to be extremely dangerous at times. An average thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts about 30 minutes; an average estimate of 1,800 thunderstorms happen at any moment around the world. Thunderstorms can happen at any time of year but are most common in spring and summer months. 


  • WATCH is issued when conditions in your area are favorable for the development of severe weather. It does NOT mean that a thunderstorm will happen, only that it is possible.
  • WARNING is issued when severe storms are occurring or imminent in the area. During this warning the storms are capable of producing hail. 

ALWAYS be alert and prepared!! Make sure you and your family have an emergency kit and a plan in case of severe weather. If your home or business floods due to inclement weather call SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909, and let us make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Post Construction

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo we are specialized in more the just restoration services. We understand that getting your business back together after a fire or water damage can cause a headache for the business owner, but SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo can help your business with a Post Construction and new construction cleaning! After restoring your building it is a priority to get your business cleaned and SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo can help you with this process. We offer tile & grout services, carpet cleaning, upholstery, ceilings, walls, baseboards, fixtures and any other surfaces the dust from construction may have gotten. If your business is ever in need of these type of services please give our office a call and we would be glad to give you a quote on the services to be performed. SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909.

Helpful Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

To prevent excessive moisture that can lead to mold growth try these helpful tips:

  • Install exhaust fans in bathroom and kitchen,use them while showering and cooking.
  • Don't use carpet in bathrooms or kitchens
  • If you have rugs in the bathroom make sure you hang them up to dry after they get damp.
  • Clean up water spills promptly
  • Routinely check under sinks, behind toilets and around appliances for any unnoticed leaks.
  • Install dehumidifiers in areas with high humidity.
  • Make sure your drain gutters are properly draining water away from your home. 
  • Use climate control in areas with high humidity to keep the humidity down.

If your home or business shows any signs of mold call the professionals at SERVPRO Of Vicksburg & Yazoo 601-634-0909 and let us make it look "Like it never even happened."