Commercial Photo Gallery

Flooded Business in Vicksburg,MS

This is the disaster this business was greeted by when they arrived to work. There was a significant amount of water damage due to a roof leak. The business was very satisfied with the end results when our crews finished. 

Roof Leak

This commercial building took in a substantial amount of water from a roof leak. Our crews arrived on the scene mitigated the water and started the drying process to help them get back to normal business. 

Before Carpet Cleaning

One of those spots we didn't know how well it would come out. So we performed our Showcase carpet cleaning method. This carpet was shampooed and then rinsed and extracted with the truck mount. It turned out so good the owner couldn't believe it. He was going to replace the carpet if it wouldn't clean up. He was very happy that we were able to restore it.

After Carpet Cleaning

This was a bad stain on commercial glue down carpet. We implemented our showcase carpet cleaning method and now you can barely see where the stain was. The owner was very pleased that we were able to salvage the carpet so he didn't have to replace it.


Commercial loss in Vicksburg before demolition

Commercial Water Damage in Vicksburg

A toilet supply line ruptured in a bathroom on the floor above this one and ran all weekend. On Monday the clients came to work to find their building flooded. All the walls were insulated so we removed the wet drywall 2 foot up to access the wet insulation. The insulation was removed and the structure was dried and ready for a contractor to make the repairs.

Commercial water damage

Many times in a commercial building even the interior walls are insulated. In this case the water had gotten high enough in this bathroom for the insulation to wick it up. In these situations we must remove the drywall in two foot cuts to get to the wet insulation so we can remove it.