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Can SERVPRO clean my contents

11/7/2023 (Permalink)

After a fire, a lot of times customers in Port Gibson think that all of the contents aren't salvageable. This isn't necessarily true. 

SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo has many years of experience of cleaning contents. We take each item and test it to see if we think we can clean it. The insurance companies trust or judge to decide if we think it will be restored to preloss condition. Many times, the items needs to be washed, or wiped down and then ozoned. Ozone has the capability to "knock out" the smoke smell that happens during a fire. 

SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo has a wonderful record of bringing items back to life after a devastating fire. 

We can help someone that has been through a fire and salvage many items that you at first thought were nothing but trash. 

SERVPRO  of Vicksburg & Yazoo, we are always here to help! 


11/3/2023 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo we are always here to help, but how do you know if you need SERVPRO or not? 

If you have a hot water heater blow up or an a/c leak, odds are YOU may need us. 

SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo will come in and access the damage. You can walk around with our crew chiefs as they are figuring out what will need to be removed in your home to help with the drying process. If you have wet contents in the home, our production team can help deciding if the furniture or contents is salvageable or not. 

We work closely with your insurance company so that we can focus on the most important thing, getting our customers back into their home. 

Is it Mildew or is it Mold?

11/3/2023 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo we get numerous calls a week on people thinking they have mold. We always ask has there been a leak in the home?

We try to educate our customer. To have mold, you have to have moisture. If you have had a leak in the home or office in Vicksburg, and haven't had it fixed, you may have mold. 

SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo can actually come into your home and do remediation on any wet material that you may have. What you need to remember is that mold is everywhere in the environment. We at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo can help you eliminate any mold you may have in your home or commercial building. 

The crews at SERVPRO of Vicksburg have years of experience in microbial activity and we are here to help. Give us a call at 601-634-0909.

Tips to Tackle a Water Damage

8/2/2023 (Permalink)

If you experience water damage, it can feel overwhelming at first. To help, call your Vicksburg, Ms.'s SERVPRO immediately. This will help you reduce additional damage to your home. 

Always check to make sure the home in Vicksburg is structural sound. Sagging ceilings may be a common indicator of structural damage. 

If the damaged home has been underwater for over 24 hours, you may want to wear a mask to avoid inhaling anything dangerous like mold spores. 

You can use a wet vacuum to remove some of the standing water. If there is more than one or two feet of water, you may want to wait for the professionals at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo to arrive to the home. 

Move any furniture, clothes and rugs outside to dry. 

Call your insurance company to see if this will be a covered loss. Something like a busted pipe is more likely to be covered than a slow leak. 

Don't let water damage overwhelm you! You have a trusted partner in SERVPRO of  Vicksburg & Yazoo to take care of your home. 

Can SERVPRO really help me?

10/7/2022 (Permalink)

When do you need to call SERVPRO? 

Our team of trained specialists understands the cleanup and restoration process with water damage to homes. There are several steps for this process which are listed below:

-Inspect and develop a plan

-Water Removal using advanced equipment

-Drying and Dehumidication

-monitoring the process throughout the service

SERVPRO utilizes moisture meters and  infrared camera imagery to determine the wet or damp areas and then develop an action plan. Some of the devices we use are wands connected to portable wet vac-used for initial water removal. Deep extraction tools like  riding rover or weighted wands are used to remove water that has soaked into the padding beneath the carpet. 

Moisture meters are used to determine if the baseboards and walls are wet. Usually the baseboards will need to be pulled in a water damage and holes placed into the wall to receive some air flow to dry the wall cavity out. 

If you need SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo just give us a call at 601-634-0909

What does a mitigation company do?

10/7/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, we take a our jobs serious if you have a water damage. Besides removing badly damaged items, such as upholstered sofas and carpet,s we also inspect your structure. If water is soaking and weakening your drywall or is collecting behind your walls, our team can detect and remove it.  Some  of the equipment we employ for the extraction includes-

Drying mats

Truck mounted pumps

Submersible pumps

Let SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo help you in your time of need. Call us at 601-634-0909 and leave your Vicksburg home "like it never even happened." 

Fire Damage Cleanup

10/7/2022 (Permalink)

Small fires and flare ups in your commercial building could leave behind more than some singe marks and smoke. Air quality plays a considerable part in the safety of those in your business and how easily cleanup and restoration actions can be successful. We prioritize improving air quality after a fire gets extinguished. 

One of the first steps toward overcoming fire damage in your commercial property is working to influence the environment and reduce harsh odors that can develop during combustion. Counteractant materials and actions lessen the severity of offensive malodors while helping the fire damaged property. 

Removing soils-surface cleaning is an essential early step in managing airborne contaminants and odors. The less soot and smoke solids present on surfaces, the less influence these deposits have on the environment. 

Safe debris disposal-SERVPRO professionals must also prioritize removing heaped bulk materials, charred remnants, and ash fro the floors where combustion has occurred. 

Counteraction agents-we have several products designed to lessen the strength of malodors, such as absorbent beads and granules that can hold odor molecules and all them to be conveniently removed. 

Removing smoke smells-couteractant measures are only partially effective, however, we must remove harsh smells using deodorization equipment like foggers, oxidation units and hydroxyl machines. 

 The greatest obstacle to air quality is the odor that does not exist. Whether is is your staff or your customers, the sight of fire damage can often create an imaginary burning smell even if deodorization was a success. 

After a fire, you can count on SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo to get your home back together. 

How to determine what can be restored?

10/7/2022 (Permalink)

If a home has suffered fire damage in Yazoo City, damage to the contents will occur. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians have the experience and equipment needed to ascertain what gets restored. Several factors affect cleanability. Those are:

Types of Surface

Amount of Heat

Age of Surface

Amount of Moisture

Air Pressure


Temperature Change

We know at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo, that YOU want to return to normal as soon as possible and we want that also. As our techs start to clean, repair, and restore your home after fire damage, they apply certain basic cleaning principles. These include: 

Inspecting the affected area to locate smoke residues

Identifying the types of residues

Identifying the type of surfac

Capture and remove smoke residues

Dispose of residues

Although these basic methods apply to every job, SERVPRO handles every unique situation. Every single fire is different. For fire service, call SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo at 601-634-0909

Is Your Generator Ready for Hurricane Season?

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

We have had a lot of tornado's in the last 3 months in the Vicksburg area and now we are headed into hurricane season! Is your generator prepared? In order to ensure your generator is functioning properly take these maintenance tips into consideration. 

The typical life expectancy for a generator is between 20,000 and 30,000 hours, serving a crucial role while waiting for a storm restoration company to come to your business. 


You are going to need to perform small maintenance tasks every week. These include:

Running the engine

Checking for alarms or warnings

Ensuring adequate fuel levels for an emergency

Setting the engine to auto mode

Checking that the circuit breaker is closed

Ensuring there are no leaks


On a monthly basis, you will need to spend more time checking fluid levels, such as the coolant and oi.  You should also check the battery to ensure you are ready for a disaster. 


You are going to  want to check the thermal protection levels every six months. At the same time, inspect the drive belts to ensure they have the proper tension and are in good condition. 


A certified technician will need to come out every year and perform crucial tasks, such as cnanging the engine oil, fuel filter, air filter, and spark plugs. If any extra maintenance is needed, like a coolant system flush, your technician will perform these items at your annual service. 

take precautions like this can have many benefits for your home or business. The primary one is that you put off replacing your equipment longer.  If you are looking to push the maximum number of hours and avoid generator problems, you need to consider required preventative maintenance. 

For any storm-related damage, call the storm professionals at 601-634-0909. SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo is always here to help! 

What Smells?

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

The water damage from a natural disaster in your home often comes with odors and mold growth that can be hard to find. If you suspect you have mold but don't see any growth, we recommend finding an industrial hygienist who can find out what mold may or may not be in your home.  Other measures you can take to help with the funk are below:

Air It Out

Open all doors and windows to allow air to circulate in your residence. This should help dissipate any lingering smells that remain and will also facilitate the drying of the affected areas. 

Dry the Wet Areas

You may install dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process. Removing moisture from porous and absorbent surfaces such as carpet and upholstery can greatly reduce the chance of foul aromas remaining after the flood and can mitigate the appearance of mold. 

Deodorize  Your Home

There are natural methods that you can utilize to expedite the deodorizing process in your house.  Baking soda sprinkled into carpets or other absorbent surfaces can be vacuumed up with getting rid of foul odors.  On less porous surfaces, vinegar applied liberally can aid in combating persistent smells. 

Keep an Eye Out for Mold

As with any area that has had prolonged exposure to moisture, mold growth can be a threat that, if not addressed immediately can become a huge problem.  It is imperative that proper steps are taken to ensure that mold and spores do not have the opportunity to spread in your home. 


Sewage loss can lead to  your home being contaminated by sewage contents when floodwater finds its way past your threshold. This can leave behind an overpowering smell even after the moisture has been removed due to the bacteria in the water.  These horrendouse smells often cannot be removed by household cleaners and require the services of  a professional flood restoration company. 

Eliminating odors can be  a tricky thing, so give us a call at SERVPRO of Vicksburg & Yazoo at 601-634-0909